Our Products

Iconic Idaho embraces photography's beauty and magnitude in many ways to create walls of distinction. From the framed canvas wraps. adhesive wall graphics, graphic window screens to even translucent images, Iconic Idaho can fit your decor style. We take pride in the quality and experience of our products. Iconic Idaho's design team is happy to create with your needs in mind. Contact us at 208-401-9203.

Wrapped & Floating Frame Canvas Prints

    Iconic Idaho provides stunning wrapped photo canvases. These are produced with chemist formulated archival inks, keeping the colors bright and vivid for a lifetime. The canvas face is protected and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Our collections are licensed from historical societies and local photographers, paying them a share of each sale.
    • Black side edges mean no loss of image when wrapped
    • Fully supported front face means no rippling or sagging
    • Completely finished back with hanging hardware included

Removable Wall Graphics

    Iconic Idaho's wall graphics have a light adhesive that will stick to painted walls, brick, concrete and glass, but not unpainted drywall. These wall decals are repositional for 120 days and will not leave a residue. The wall graphics can be take down and re-used at a later date.
    • Light adhesive sticks to interior walls
    • Removes without damage up to 120 days
    • Special order product

Static Window Clings

    Windows are a dynamic call to action when showcased with static clings. There is no adhesive on the film, the vinyl film stays up through the physics of static electricity. Window clings are totally customized to fit your windows and situation. Contact us for more information.
    • High visibility marketing tool
    • Transparent or Opaque backing
    • Easy to remove
    • Special order product

Perforated Window Screens

    With large window surrounds, perforated window screens can provide privacy without sacrificing outside light and visibility out. The graphic side appears as a solid image, yet the micro holes allow for the viewer to see out with little distortion. It is a dynamic presentation of a brand or marketing for massive windows. This is a custom project based on your windows and situation. Contact us for more information.
    • High visibility marketing tool
    • Adheres to outside or inside windows
    • Can’t see in, but good visibility to the outside
    • Special order product

Translucent, backlit imaging

    Iconic Idaho can produce translucent, backlit film for special projects. Images are produced on special films that are then applied to a substrate, such as plexi, for the final presentation. Translucency provides a unique dynamic to your business. Contact us for more information.