Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Iconic Idaho story?

Iconic Idaho loves the visual history and unique landscapes of the amazing state of Idaho. In this fast-paced world, we forget that there was a time before cars, paved roads and cities. The pioneers and settlers' images remind us of where we all come from. This is especially true with the demolition of historic buildings and the new skylines created. Iconic Idaho's historical collections can bring those nostalgic times to you, today.

Iconic Idaho partners with a few photographers to bring stunning landscapes of Idaho. Idaho has the largest contiguous area of protected wilderness in the continental United States. Idaho's elevation goes from the peak of Mt Borah at 12,662 ft to the valleys of Lewiston at 710 ft. Wild rivers flow through amazing mountains, canyons, deserts and farmlands. Shoshone Falls is higher than Niagara Falls and has a fury of water cascading down it in the spring. Idaho is a rugged and beautiful place to be and enjoy.

Another feature of Iconic Idaho is for you to upload your own photography image to be printed as a canvas wrap. Finished beautifully and delivered in one week to your door.

Iconic Idaho is proud to note that we partner and pay royalties to our photographers and agencies for the images used. All that you see on our website is licensed. Enjoy!

Can I buy just the digital image?

We are unable to sell digital copies of any image.

How do I sell my images on Iconic Idaho?

Iconic Idaho does partner with photographers for the rights to use their images. All sourced images may not appear on the website, but may be presented to commercial clients for special requests. Iconic Idaho does pay a revenue share on the photo canvas sold. Please contact us to find out more.

We also offer a “Create Your Own” option that is perfect for having your images produced on canvas via our site.

My photo needs retouching, do you offer this option?

 At this time, Iconic Idaho does not retouch images.

Do you have all of the images in stock?

We print your order when we receive it.  This ensures you receive the highest quality product available.

Can I hang a canvas in a bathroom?

Yes, just make sure the canvas is not in direct contact with water.

How do I take care of my canvas?  Do I need to clean it?

Typically your canvas will just need a light dusting every now and then.  If you find that you need to spot clean the canvas, use a damp cloth that has only water on it.  Chemicals can react with the ink and ruin the canvas.

Do you have a store in my city that I can visit, or a catalogue that you can send me? 

We are available online only.  We have a great customer service team available to assist you with any questions!  Click here for our contact information.

Will my image look good?

The quality of the image on a canvas print is determined by the resolution of the image itself.  The higher the DPI, dots per inch, resolution, the better the quality. The size of the picture will also stretch the DPI, so a full & high resolution digital image is best.  Photos from the web are usually poor quality, plus there could be copyright issues.

Will the print quality last?  

Iconic Idaho’s canvas prints use inks formulated by chemists to give vivid and saturated color images.  These are archival inks that will keep their beauty for years to come.

How long will it take for delivery?

The wrapped or framed canvas print you order should arrive to your doorstep in about two-three weeks.  Our printing partner is located in Longmont, Colorado.

Is there a guarantee?

Iconic Idaho does guarantee the quality of the wrapped canvas product.  If it should fail in any way, Iconic Idaho will replace the canvas. A personal uploaded image with pixilation issues is not covered.

Is Iconic Idaho local?

Iconic Idaho is owned by Paula Miller, a 40 year resident of this wonderous state.  Her background includes an 11 year owner of a custom frame shop in Meridian and also a 10 year ownership of a Boise mailing center.  She is active with GFWC Boise Columbian Club (est. 1892), Buy Idaho, Boise Chamber of Commerce, Meridian Chamber of Commerce, Preservation Idaho, Women In Networking, Mad Hatter's Hat & Wig Donation Project and other philanthropic groups.